Project services is our market, where we have true experience and leading competence. Offerings are ranging from consultancy services to leading implementation projects with high complexity. With our in-house tools and processes, we always stay in control of project progress.

What we do

We provide customers in Scandinavia and emerging markets with project services for telecom and IT projects.

With project management in focus, our offered competencies are covering the full project cycles through a mix of in-house and dynamically allocated contracting personnel.


ParaCell offers services in three disciplines for the international market. The disciplines may interact and are tailor-made to match each specific customer request.


Business and operations consulting for improving the customer's organisational efficiency.

ParaCell is offering the competence and experience of its in-house staff for helping IT/telecom operators and vendors become more effective. Our true mission is to deliver value, not hours. We do not charge massive amounts for a desktop paper product – we know telecom/IT in practice (and theory) and provide true result that is shown through an organisation becoming more happy, effective and goal-oriented.

We have references from several operator and vendor projects in Europe and Africa.



Full-scale project management assignments for implementation and integration projects. Securing project success through our own developed tools and processes.

ParaCell offers project management of IT/telecom installation and integration projects of varying size and complexity. ParaCell in-house staff assumes the role of Project Managers and coordinators, whereas partner companies are used for hands-on field activities. ParaCell also holds a great network of low-cost resources through our international offices.

The level of responsibility can range from assignments of real turn-key responsibility to provision of project managers in key positions for a project.

With the high quality standards and experience of ours, we deliver value to customer with this one-interface approach.

We have references from several vendor projects in Africa and Americas.



Search and allocation of the right competence for short/mid-term projects in IT and telecom internationally.

ParaCell offers interim recruitment solutions for all competencies needed in execution of IT/Telecom projects with a speciality in project management assignments. We supply engineers for planning, design, engineering, installation, Operation & Maintenance or integration paired with high calibre project management staff.

ParaCell staff has a history from the industry itself - talking to ParaCell means talking to a company that knows your reality and the technology lying behind, irrespectively if you are an Operations Manager seeking the best engineers or a consultant searching for the most developing and rewarding assignments.

We have references projects in all continents.